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This section of the website features photographs and information from years and decades gone by.

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Photo Galleries

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Food Safety Challenge

Food Safety Challenge

The most frequently visited page in the history of our website, regularly attracting visitors from all over the world!

Can you find the 10 safety hazards lurking in this kitchen?

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Forefield Through the Ages

Our thanks go to the former Forefield pupils who have contributed photographs and artefacts, and written about their own school memories for use in our archive.

Forefield During Wartime - Former pupil Robert Ballantyne recollects his memories of Forefield Lane School during the dark days of World War II.

Forefield in the Fifties - Black and white photographs of our school and its pupils taken in the 1950s.

Victorian Day 1985 - Photographs courtesy of Joanne Doyle (née Nelson).

If you are a former Forefield pupil and would like to share your memories with us, we would love to hear from you. Although this section of the site is not updated often, we still enjoy learning about the history of our school.

Original Website Home Page

Our original home pageWhen our original website was first launched back in February 2006, the home page featured our former headteacher, Mr Naylor, standing by the old front doors of the school, which appeared to open and close when the mouse was moved over the picture.

We received comments from several visitors to the site telling us that they miss the old home page and asking for it to be made available again. The Archives seemed to be the ideal place.

Click here to see our original home page.